2WW = two week wait (luteal phase, time from ovulation to menstruation)

AF = aunt flow (period, menstruation)
AHI = at home insemination
AI = artificial insemination

BBT = basal body temperature
BC = birth control
BCP = birth control pills
BD = baby dance (intercourse)
BF = breast feed
BFN = big fat negative (negative pregnancy test)
BFP = big fat positive (positive pregnancy test)
BIL = brother in law

CD = cycle day
CF = cervical fluid
CM = cervical mucus
CP = cervical position

DD = dear daughter
DH = dear husband
DP = dear partner
DPO = days past ovulation
DS = dear son
DSD/SD = dear step daughter/step daughter
DSS/SS = dear step son/step son
DTD = do the deed (intercourse)
DW = dear wife

EPT = early pregnancy test
EWCM = egg white cervical mucus (fertile mucus at time of ovulation)

FET = frozen embryo transfer
FIL = father in law
FP = follicular phase

HPT = home pregnancy test
HRT = hormone replacement therapy

IF = infertility
IUI = intra-uterine insemination (artificial insemination)
IVF = invitro fertilization

KWIM = know what I mean

LH = luteinizing hormone
LMP = last menstrual period
LP = luteal phase
LPD = luteal phase defect
LUFS = luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome

MC = miscarriage
MF = male factor
MIL = mother in law
MS = morning sickeness

NFP = natural family planning

O or the Big O = ovulation
ODD = oldest dear daughter
ODS = oldest dear son
OH = other half
OPK = ovlation test kit (ovlation test strip)

PCOS = polycystic ovary syndrome
PG = pregnant
POAS = pee on a stick

SA = semen analysis
SIL = sister in law
SO = significant other

TTC = trying to conceive
TWW = two week wait (after ovulation, luteal phase)

Witch = period, mestruation

YDD = youngest dear daughter
YDS = youngest dear son