At home insemination

Some of you may wonder what at home insemination is, and why anyone would use it. At home insemination is for people trying to conceive who can't have intercourse. This is commonly used with same sex couples using donor sperm, heterosexual couples who are using donor sperm or away from each other for long periods of time, or couples who may not be able to have intercourse for reasons such as pelvic pain. According to testimonies I have seen online, this method does work!

This used to be called the turkey baster method- as you can imagine using something like a turkey baster to suck up sperm and insert it inside. Now it has been suggested to use an oral syringe. An oral syringe can usually be found at a drug store and has no needle. Once the sperm is in a cup, you can suck it up with the syringe, insert the syringe into the female and slowly push the bottom to get the sperm into the vagina near the cervix. It helps to have the hips elevated by putting a pillow under your bottom, and then you can lay there for a while to allow the sperm to travel. Some use Softcups with this method (as some do with regular intercourse) to keep the sperm at the cervix. Softcups can be inserted after intercourse or after using the syringe to keep sperm close to the cervix. Softcups are made for menstruation and are basically a piece of disposable plastic, or non-disposable silicone, that you insert to catch the menstrual blood. Most can be worn for up to 12 hours. The box shows you how to insert them. They can be tricky the first couple times so you may want to practice before using them to keep sperm at the cervix. You shouldn't feel it once it is in.